The last of our visiting Oregonian clan who came to celebrate my birthday left very early this morning, I mean early; Our house was astir by 4:30 am. This evening everything is so very quiet, that I think even our cat, who hid under the bed during the five days of activity, is missing the bustle.

My party was held at our home and my friends who came consisted of an international hot pot…just loved it!..Ethiopia, China, Jamaica, Peru, Philippines, Samoa, St Helena Island, America, Mexico. I love people, and I am absolutely thrilled to have not missed out on the experience of having a diverse community of friends. How boring it would be if my friends looked like me, talked like me, walked liked me, had the same gifts and talents like me…or vice versa! Yet, there are many who dare not step outside of their familiarities, of person, place, thing, into what I consider the greatest learning experience in life: Are we really different? If so, what, or how much does it matter? So tell me, are you missing out?

Jesus told us in His Holy Word that His kingdom will be made up of those who come from the four corners of the world, east, west, north, and south (Luke 13:29). I am thinking if I love it now, I will love it then! Jesus also told us those in His kingdom of heaven shall sit with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Matthew 8:11). The figure of a banquet is often used by Bible writers as a symbol of the joys of the Messianic kingdom (Revelation 19:9). If, by God’s grace I enter His kingdom, will He invite me to sit with Abraham only? Isaac only? Jacob only? Or all three?