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In three days we will say Fare Thee Well to a half of our family currently living in Portland, Oregon. Of course this is not saying goodbye see you when we visit you in Virginia, or New York, or Ohio, or even Hawaii; this will be goodbye, and see you on Saint Helena Island, eight thousand, three hundred miles away, or if not, see you back here on the West coast of the USA.

So to whom will we be bidding farewell?

  • Daughter Natalie
  • Son in-law Erik
  • Grandson Finnigan
  • Our favorite dog Guinness (going to foster parents in Oregon)
  • Erik’s antique wagon – Mr. Pickles in which we rode around town without seatbelts, with Guinness on the dashboard.

Mr. Pickles

When Natalie visited home in St Helena Island about three years ago, and left her tears there, she had made up her mind to return again, for a much longer period. Her emails at that time stated “I have never felt so stress-free” and “I have never felt so peaceful.” We could understand, she had been on roller-skates since the birth of their son, and since growing her own business; St Helena Island would be the best place in the world for restoration and revival… but she might want to tell her own story…

What a wonderful time to return home! Last week on October 14, while we were at the family farewell party, the Saints (fondly named) at home were celebrating the first passenger flight at their new and only airport! The island now has a buzz, buzz, flurry, flurry, hurry, hurry, therefore they too are saying ‘when’s the next flight mate?’

Yes, our family will be going back to the future, and we will send them off with God’s blessings and ours.

Our hearts will be sad without you,
And bitter/sweet ‘twill be,
But when we picture your special homecoming
We can feel it will be just for thee.

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