What a strange but exciting feeling! Tomorrow will be my first day on my new job. Because of travel commitments I have not worked for nine months.There are many choices in the nursing world, and I have learnt to be careful in choosing; many companies expect individual employees to do jobs that should be done by four additional employees; my motto always is: there is life, and then there is life, like in really living.

A few weeks ago I left my ninety minute interview with a very wonderful feeling, even though not knowing of course whether I would be successful in being blest with the job or not. Just the very professional manner in which the staff had been communicating with me over the past weeks was pretty impressive. I  had begun to feel very comfortable with them, and very hopeful. Finally, the good news came, and I am very excited.

During my study of the book of Genesis in God’s Holy Word I found an interesting statement from the Bible Commentary on Genesis 3:19

“Since Adam’s fall human achievement may be realized only through toil. Nevertheless, it should be recognized that this punishment was indeed a blessing in disguise for sinful beings. When a man works he is far less likely to sin than when he spends his days in idleness. Toil and labor develop character and teach man humility and cooperation with God. This is why the Christian church has generally found its most loyal adherents and supporters among the laboring class. Work, even when arduous, should not be despised; a blessing is in it.”

So off I go tomorrow, looking forward in eagerness to being part of a nursing team again. I believe God places us exactly where He can best use us. I am always thankful for His leading.