I was introduced to a beautiful smiling lady when I walked into the salon in Saratoga for the first time in January 2002. I remember driving down the street, just looking for a sign that indicated my search for a stylist would soon be over. I had moved from Portland, Oregon just a month before and knew I would need to find one sooner or later; I thought why not do it now…new home…new haircut… I was on a roll!

As she explained how she does her service, she was very professional, and very pleasant and I was impressed to accept. While she did my hair she told me she was born in Iran, and we shared a lot of stories about our experiences in moving to America. I felt thoroughly satisfied with my new hairdo that very first day, and even her touch was very gentle; hence I kept her.

She moved locations twice after I met her, the first time to another location in Saratoga, and then to Los Altos, and I followed. She was so excellent, and continued always to receive education on how to better serve her clients; for her, it wasn’t just about clipping hair. For sure I had to travel a few extra miles, but I would do anything to avoid getting butchered, notched, or even having 2.5 inches taken off when you asked for just an inch. Been there, done that.

As the years went by we became good friends, and enjoyed some special events together. I always loved being in her company, and she always looked beautiful and had a contagious smile. We shared family stories, vacation stories. It’s like your family physician who has treated your family for a number of years, seen the kids grow up, remember their names, listens to family events with each visit, and whom you feel is a part of your family.

In November 2013 I learnt that my friend was ill and was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer, that had metastasized to her liver and her brain… ugly…ugly! When I arrived at her home and saw how she looked I wanted to burst into tears, but I didn’t. I could sense her strength and determination all over again. We prayed together,and I read her some Bible promises reassuring her that God is with her. A few weeks later she called me and told me how much she loved Jesus, and asked would I come and give Bible studies to her and her sister who had arrived from Iran to be with her. They enjoyed the studies so much and asked would I come twice per week, instead of once per week.

My special friend lost her battle with cancer this week on May 19,2014, at 51 years old. Cancer… “dreaded” name,”ugly”name, “heard to often” name.

Loss is unsettling, especially when like my family, you have lost loved ones and friends several times in the past two years. When someone we have a connection with isn’t there any more we feel their absence. We miss them. We miss the relationship we had with them. We miss everything they meant to us. We are brought face to face with our own mortality and with the reminder that we and others we love will also die.

So today, in preparation for paying my last respects to a special friend, I chose a new stylist and had my hair trimmed for the first time in over a year… because I know for sure that the one I just lost… no, she would not want me to undermine her years of keeping me well kempt.

Goodbye my friend, my sister in Christ. God’s Holy Word says you are sleeping. One day Jesus will come to take His children home: John 11:22-23 Jesus said unto her, “Thy brother shall rise again.” Martha said unto him, ” I know that he shall rise again in the resurrection at the last day.”

Revelation 21:1-5