Even today I cannot remember who gave me the pin that says “Readers Are Leaders.” I found it one day several months ago while hunting for another item. Don’t you just hate it when you cannot remember? I can compare it to when I walk into a store and a patient says “Hello, how nice to see you, do you remember me?” It isn’t that I do not remember the face; the embarrassing (and probably disappointing to patient) part, especially if the patient is looking me right in the eyes in expectation, is if I have someone with me and need to make introductions.

Reading has always been one of the loves of my life. I was taught to not just read the section that will grant me the answers for an exam, or for a debate, etcetera, but to read books and articles in their entirety. In speaking of remembering, I hope I will never forget all of the wonderful people who have given me books, not only because they know I love reading, but because they know I love sharing books with others. I have a large number of books in my car, children and adult books specifically for sharing. The greatest thing is when I hear that people are really enjoying them. One lady told me “My husband and I take turns to read them to the children every night.” How wonderful is that! I might not always have finances to share, but I feel that I am sharing a huge pot of wealth when I share books. And what a frightening thought, that in our age of technology, not only are many of our children, but also many of our adults are playing games more than they are reading!

Each morning I study God’s love letter to mankind, the Holy Bible. I also begin my day with other beautiful writings and devotionals. This is time well spent. Here is a part of what I read this morning:

Mental and Spiritual Culture – “For the mind and the soul, as well as for the body, it is God’s law that strength is acquired by effort. It is exercise that develops. In harmony with this law, God has provided in His word the means for mental and spiritual development.”
“The mind occupied with commonplace matters only, becomes dwarfed and enfeebled. If never tasked to comprehend grand and far-reaching truths, it after a time loses the power of growth. As a safeguard against this degeneracy, and a stimulus to development, nothing else can equal the study of God’s word. As a means of intellectual training, the Bible is more effective than any other book, or all other books combined.”
-Education, p123,124.

Do not lose out on the benefits of reading!