My family knows that in the event of an emergency where I would need to be identified, they could do so by finding a two inch scar at the lower end of both legs. When I was old enough to understand, my mother told me a story that didn’t have as much meaning then as it does today.

My scars

My scars

Mummy told me that several months after birth I was very quiet, barely any crying, no gurgling sounds or any other sounds that an infant at my age would manifest. Thinking that maybe I was just a quiet baby, and also because I was feeding well, she didnt worry too much. One day “something wasn’t quite right” so Mummy took me to the hospital and was told that had she waited any longer I might have died because I was suffering from severe anemia. Immediately, I was given blood transfusions. Hence the scars on my legs.

We often hear the saying “A baby changes everything.” Change happened again for sure when Mummy gave birth to a fourth baby girl! And what devastating change there would have been had she lost me before taking me to the hospital! In her utter sadness she might probably had wished I had never been born, only to lose me so soon!

What does Christ’s birth mean to you? His birth means more to me each year. For me, Jesus’ birth never loses it’s appeal. From the little town of Bethlehem, each of us received a Gift. This Gift gave us a way of escape from our penalty for sin. This means that God saw great value in you, and in me.

Jesus told the doubting Thomas that he would know if the person he saw was Jesus after he saw the nail prints on His hands and on His feet. I do not need to have scars for Jesus to know me. He knows my name, and He knows your name. One day He will return, not as the “Babe” who had nowhere to lay his head, but as “King of Kings” and “Lord of Lords.”

The holiday card that I sent to family and friends this year says “Wise Men Still Seek Him” and “The first wise men gave Christ treasures from their kingdoms. Today’s wise men give Christ the treasures of their hearts.”

Are you wise? Are you seeking Him? Have you given Him your heart?