Why do so many people dread birthdays? There are many who are afraid of getting older and often behave as though they became old overnight!  Getting older should be appreciated as life’s beautiful process. I smile when I hear even very young people bemoan the fact that they have another birthday around the corner; they consider themselves “old” when they really aren’t; whenever I have the opportunity I remind them a birthday should always be a celebration, a celebration for having had the opportunity to spend another year in making a difference in the world.

I hold the Bible belief that the day begins at sundown (Genesis 1:5) therefore today on November 20th I am thanking the Lord for another birthday. What a celebration! I am just loving life! The good and the bad! The days I feel energetic and the days I feel like sleeping four or five hours longer! The days a rude driver honks at me and the days family and friends call and tell me how much they love me!  The days I hear of the death of a good friend, the days I get a beautiful hand written letter from my family! How about the wonderful man I married! How about the wonderful people I work with! What a life God has given me!

Ironically, yesterday in Sabbath School the teacher asked the class “what would people say about you after you die?”  Wow, what a wonderful thought for a birthday reflection!  But I am certainly not thinking about dying right now! Only God knows which day he has chosen for me! I am way to busy celebrating life!  But I cannot help thinking…what would they say?

My utmost thought on yet another birthday? Certainly not what “they” are saying! Instead “What is Jesus saying” about me? Am I loving others as He commanded me to? Or am I loving only the lovable? Am I spending my time wisely? Am I taking care of my body as He asked me to? How much time am I spending with Him in prayer? How much time am I spending in His Word so I can have a fulfilling relationship with Him? No matter what, I believe Jesus desire for me is to continue trusting Him in the days and years ahead, for whatever number He gives me!

So nevermind about when I’m “gone” … because if I trust Jesus and share His love every day that He gives me… all of what they say couldn’t help but be good!

Thank you for praying for me!