Living in a world where there is so much anxiety and stress, can we still have a good old laugh? Yes we can, and we must, or else we will be just as one famous man said: “If we didn’t laugh, we would cry.” It is so fantastic when a whole crowd can have a roaring laugh together!

We were all seated on board our Southwest plane heading back to San Jose this past Sunday when suddenly I heard giggles coming from the front of the plane. As I looked over the top of my book I saw a gentleman who was about six feet tall with both arms hoisted above his head and carrying in his hands, so very gently and carefully a huge stuffed toy dog with his tongue hanging out, I mean HUUUUUUUUGE! I believe people giggled because the owner treated the toy as though it was fragile!

Nothing like a good laugh!


The owner took “doggie” to the back of the plane, with the thought, I’m guessing, that ‘doggie” would have to sit on his lap. However, very soon after, a flight attendant stopped by the row of seats opposite me and yes, you guessed it; the “doggie” was placed in one of the two empty seats by an elderly gentleman who sat next to me.

The Flight Attendant said “we have to buckle him in” and suddenly there was a roar of laughter; once she completed her task she stepped back and took a picture of the honored and fragile passenger. The owner stood near the seat, not appearing as though he had any intention of sitting next to “doggie” so I thought I would be naughty and maybe we would have a little more fun. I said “hey buddy, who’s going to babysit?”  I couldn’t believe his answer “I guess I should sit there.” More laughter. Did he? No! Just “doggie” and the elderly gentleman remained in that row, with the spare seat in between, all the way to San Jose. A number of people took a picture.

While I waited in Baggage Claim I saw “doggie” sitting on his owner’s bag, without his seatbelt now, but with a beautiful lady standing next to him; he seemed to say “whatever it takes to make their day.”

Proverbs 17:22 “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.” KJV