After throwing my car keys in my car trunk and closing the lid, I realized, as quickly as one can blink an eye, that I was in a dilemma!

My husband and I had just stopped in the church parking lot and we were discussing which set of keys we should keep with us; unlike other weeks, we had driven my car to church; even when Guy is not driving his own car he carries his keys, which includes my car key, with him. Now I tried to convince him that my keys held less weight so we should keep mine, however, he won.

My set of keys holds the only key that fits my car trunk. Oh no! A number of times I had intended to stop and have a copy made, but after all, I hadn’t locked myself out of my trunk before; so what’s the chance of it happening any time soon!  Great procrastination excuse!

The trunk of my car is like a storehouse, or I could also call it a Book Store; extra Bibles, Bible Lessons, Reference Books, Greeting Cards; tidily stored mind you, but you name it, or if you need it, I can probably find it for you there. Along with my keys that I had locked away was also my cell phone. So who should have held the keys that day? After all it was my car!

The Bible speaks to us about “keys” in several places; they are a symbol of power and jurisdiction. The Scripture foremost in my mind is Revelation 1:18, I am He that liveth, and was dead; and behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and death. KJV.

The Revelation of Jesus Christ is that He is the living one even though He was dead! He tells us that in Him is continuous, abiding life, life that does not end. His Word teaches that in spite of the death He suffered for the human race, He continues to be “the living one,” for He is God. The divinity of Christ is the believer’s assurance of eternal life.

The only keys I need be concerned about are the ones that Jesus holds. He “has the keys of hell (the grave) and death.” His resurrection is the assurance that the righteous will rise “in the resurrection at the last day” (John 11:24). This is the Gospel in all of it’s glory, and I know in whom I believe!

I serve a risen Savior; He’s in the world today

I know that He is living; no matter what men say.

I see His hand of mercy; I hear his voice of cheer,

And just the time I need Him; He’s always near. Amen.