So very often I am amazed at how far from our homeland we are! There are times when I am riding in my car and a longing comes to my heart to be able to see the face of my mother, (our dad died when I was eight years old) my sisters and their families.

This morning our daughter Tessa, her husband Jean Luc and their three year old twins Lucie and Matteo will begin their long journey home! I am so jealous, but thankful to God in the faith and belief that after He has granted them traveling mercies that great grandmother at eighty eight years old, and whom Tessa has not seen for seven years, will meet the twins for the first time.

Friends, we need your prayers for their travels. Thank you for praying for them! Here is how they will travel to get home:

Portland- Seattle- Amsterdam- Cape Town, then five days by ship to home in St Helena island! Major travel!  Their three months away will be worth it!

Thank you heavenly Father for  how you will keep our family as they travel. This we believe, by faith in your promises! Amen and Amen!