All week long I look forward to my absolute favourite day of the week, the Sabbath. I just cannot even imagine how unbearable and exhausting it would be, not having this special day that God asked us to spend in a special way with Him. Exodus 20:8 and Isaiah 58:13.

My mother parted ways with the Anglican church and accepted the Bible teaching on the seventh day Sabbath when I was just two years old; unlike my older siblings I have no memories of worshipping on another day. My mother’s story about this change in her life is very interesting and quite humorous. I will share a very  brief portion.

I was born in a British colony where the predominant religion is Anglican. My mother told us that missionaries came to our homeland and held “tent meetings”, which are religious meetings held outdoors under a tent, and is a special attraction to those who have no desire to go through the doors of a church. These meetings can at times continue through four to six weeks.

Mummy told us that during her initial contact with the missionaries she informed them that she was not interested in listening as she was a member of the Anglican church. However when she received an invitation to the tent meetings she was really impressed to go, which she did on every night! Mummy was really surprised to find how many topics there were in the Bible that she had not been taught. Night after night as she attended she just couldn’t wait to go back for more learning.

One day, while the evening meetings were still being held, she decided to “sneak” down to the church where these “Sabbathkeepers” worshipped. She would look all around her to be sure no one from her current church would see her going inside; (population on the island five thousand) next she would make a dash for it!

Here is where Mummy was shown from the Scriptures, God’s Holy Word, that after His creation God did three things in reference to the seventh day;  Genesis 2:1-3. He RESTED on this day, He BLESSED it,  and SANCTIFIED it (set it aside as holy).

When sharing with her family and friends the Ten Commandments and all of the other new topics she was learning, Mummy was told that the Ten Commandments were nailed to the cross when Jesus died and that the Sabbath was made for the Jews only. Now even more confused, she went back to the missionaries and shared her concerns.

The thing that impressed Mummy the most was how readily and intelligently this particular missionary could go to God’s Word. One of the texts he showed her was Mark 2:27-28 “The Sabbath was made for man, and not man for the Sabbath: Therefore the Son of Man is Lord also of the Sabbath”. The missionary also showed her that when God set aside the Sabbath day there were no Jews. So then how about the “nailed to the cross” part? Well, surprise, surprise! He had Scriptures for this also Colossians 3:14 “BLOTTING OUT the handwriting of ordinances(Ceremonial Laws) that were against us, which was contrary to us, and took it out of the way, nailing it to His cross”. Wow! So the TEN COMMANDMENTS were not dissolved? You mean the New Testament also tells us that Jesus himself kept the Sabbath?  Luke 4:16 “… and as His custom was, He went  into the synagogue on the Sabbath day”. Mummy said she wondered if the Bible actually revealed which day is the seventh day, and sure enough she found her answer in Luke 23:54-56; Luke 24:1 as follows:

PREPARATION DAY-SIXTH DAY-FRIDAY                                                                                                                                                               SABBATH-SEVENTH DAY-SATURDAY                                                                                                                                                                     RESURRECTION DAY- FIRST DAY-SUNDAY                                                                                                                                                          Mummy’s missionary shared with her some of the other ways she could tell which day is the seventh day:                                           WEBSTER’S DICTIONARY: “Seventh day, Saturday, the seventh day of the week”(Webster’s New Twentieth Century Dictionary, unabridged 2nd ed.

ASTRONOMY: “We have had occasion to investigate the results of the works of specialists in Chronology and we have never found one of them that has had the slightest doubt about the continuity of the weekly cycle since long before the Christian Era” (US Naval Observatory, James Robertson,director, quoted in March 12,1932, letter to F.D. Nichol)

LANGUAGE: In more than 106 languages of the world, the seventh day on our calendar called Saturday is translated Sabbath. THERE IS NO WORD FOR SATURDAY IN THESE LANGUAGES. The seventh day is simply called Sabbath.

What does God offer those who lovingly keep His Sabbath? Isaiah 56:2. What promise does God make regarding Sabbath worship in heaven? Isaiah 66:22-23. What did Jesus say to do if we love Him? John 14:15. What did Jesus say we will be when we  do so? Revelation 22:14.

I can tell that Mummy and her family are enjoying a “Blessed” life! We are thanking Him for the truth as it is written in His Word! This is the reason I look forward to each Sabbath! If God said it, I believe it!

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If you do not already, you can also enjoy this beautiful Sabbath day. I mean the one God blessed. God bless you.