Do we consider it a simple question? The golden one given to Jesus by Pontius Pilate? “What is Truth?” John 18:38. Pilate next admitted “I find in Him no fault at all”.

The truth has no fault! When we come to know it and continue to feast on it, it sets us free: John 8:32. The Psalmist understood this when he cried “Lead me in THY truth, and teach me…” Psalm 25:5. Whose truth? God’s truth! Real freedom is in Jesus only: John 14:6. No wonder the prophet Isaiah warned “To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to THIS word, it is because there is NO LIGHT in them” Isaiah 8:20. “IN VAIN do they worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men” Mark 7:7.

Throughout Biblical history, God has kept his attention focused where His “Truth” carriers were. The camera of heaven zoomed in on Enoch, and then Noah. Wherever Abraham dwelled, whether temporarily or permanently, the place of his sojourn is mentioned. From Canaan, His truth-carrying descendants went to Egypt, then wandering in the wilderness is mentioned. From there, the Bible records their wanderings until they reach the Promised Land. From the Holy Land, we are introduced  into Babylon. Why? Because God’s children were in exile there. There we find Daniel and the three worthies.

Next the Medes and Persians arrive on the scene. Finally after centuries, The Bible focus on Jerusalem from where the Son of God came. Then we are taken through the scattering of the disciples, and the varied kingdoms, nations and towns where the disbursed believers made their influence. The countries they impacted are mentioned until we are brought to the wilderness of Revelation 12. From the wilderness, the truth was imported to the “Land of the Free” from which shores the gospel would be proclaimed to the world.

History is a “tool” not a “weapon”. We can use this “tool” to consider truth, asking for wisdom from on high. What’s on your mind when you think of these “truth-carriers”? What part are you playing? Are you hungering and thirsting after truth? The truth as it is in Jesus? Or has your salt lost it’s savour?; Matthew 5:13

Isaiah 33:6 and Psalm 90:17. Are you free? If so, what is the work of your hands? Are you helping someone else to have strength and stability in Jesus? Let us claim God’s promises!  Do not worry about being laughed at! Do not worry about being shunned! Do not worry about resistance and rejection! Consider what Jesus endured!1 Corinthians 4:9″…we are made a spectacle unto the world and to angels, and to men”. Psalms 44:22“Yes, for thy sake we are killed all the day long…”.

God bless you today and everyday, as you think on these things, in Jesus name, Amen.