The eyes of the Lord is in every place, beholding the evil and the good. Proverbs 15:3

Often when people are in a foreign land they let down the standard, thinking that none of their acquaintances will know of their conduct. But there is no time when a Christian should be careless. The true follower of Christ will conduct himself at all times as though in the presence of Heaven. He will be conscious that the Unseen One watches over every word and action – One to whom darkness and light are both alike.

In the days when sheep stealing was practiced, a dishonest shepherd took his young helper with him to the lonely hillside where the sheep were grazing. He said to the helper “You watch to the north and west and I will keep an outlook to the east and south to see that no one is watching. We will take off with part of the flock.” The helper answered, “Sir, this will care for the four directions of the compass, but who is going to see if one is looking down from above?”

There is one who looks down from heaven. His works behold the children of men. There is nothing hidden from His sight. His heart of love is grieved when we take a deceitful course, hoping to cover our tracks so perfectly that no one will find out.

In the day when the secrets of men’s hearts are disclosed, the hidden things of darkness will be made plain.

God comes to us seeking the fruit He has a right to expect. His eye is upon each of us; He reads our hearts and understands our lives. This is a solemn search, for it has reference to duty and to destiny; and with what interest it is prosecuted. Let each of those who are committed to sacred trusts inquire: ‘How do I meet the inspecting eye of God? Is my heart cleansed from it’s defilement? Or have it’s temple courts become so desecrated, so occupied with buyers and sellers, that Christ finds no room?

Thank you God that you have promised to take your strength and put with our weakness. We pray in Jesus name. Amen.