Last night I watched a documentary about a guy who went with a friend on a hike that lasted several days. He complained about having to climb a stairway of 200 steps. I thought what a shame it is that I cannot contact him and show him an even longer stairway by the name of Jacob’s Ladder, with 699 steps, each measuring ten inches.

Doreen on Jacob's Ladder

Jacob’s Ladder connects the main town to the top of the hill where my mother lives and where I grew up.  Looking from the bottom of the steps it looks like a “stairway to heaven”. Growing up and even into early adult life this was our stairway for access to grocery shopping, swimming, meeting friends, going to church and all of the other wonderful ways of island life. While at home for six months last year I did round trips almost every day and encouraged others to do so; but be aware: you must do the round trip or else you will be crippled the next day! I learned my lesson! I couldn’t even TOUCH my legs! A lot of my friends would say “why are you walking the ladder?” and I would answer “what did I do before?”. What a better way to stay healthy while just playing and eating with family and friends for six whole months! After all, excellent health is a priority for me because it is one of the ways in which I can honor my Creator 3 John:2

The outstanding memory of Jacob’s Ladder is that all of us in the neighborhood knew how to slide down those lengthy rails. Can you guess what made this task worth while? The island’s tourists would be told about the “sliding kids” ahead of time, so when we demonstrated we would get two shillings each! A lot of money then for a kid (not sure how long ago that was…ha! ha!)

You probably knew about Jacob’s Ladder in Bible history, Genesis 28:10-22, but I bet you didn’t know there is one  that is similar, standing in one of the most remote places in the world, sixteen degrees below the equator in the South Atlantic Ocean. So there’s the reason I still feel so great!