Tomorrow, by God’s grace, my mother will celebrate her 87th birthday.  What an amazing woman! I don’t think a day goes by when I don’t wonder where my siblings and me would be, or what we would be doing without our faith in God and without the sustaining prayers of our mother.  She raised six of us, two wonderful boys, one on each end, and four charming girls (forgive me) in the middle,  and I am the baby girl… can you tell?

So yes, along with Abraham Lincoln we shout aloud: ” All that I am and ever hope to be I owe to my angel mother“.

Nanny Peters

Marjorie Peters

Mummy  lives in her homeland and still enjoys living on her own, with my three sisters and her own younger sister living nearby. Mummy had to be brave and strong from quite a young age, seeing we lost our father in 1962. He died on Easter Sunday. Being very young the only thing I remember is Mummy walking down the driveway and crying, with the Pastor’s arm through hers. One of my favorite stories she tells is when missionaries came to our homeland and introduced the Faith she now profess. She  tells how she would sneak in to the missionary meetings, not wanting anyone from the Anglican church where she was a member, to see her. She tells how she would question the missionaries each night. After much study and realizing that they taught truth from the Bible and the Bible only, Mummy joined the religion that is really a great benefit to her spiritual and physical health. For years after this Mummy visited around her island, telling others about her new life style. Thank God for missionaries!

Mummy has twenty grandchildren and twenty five great grandchildren! And some of them are scattered in different areas of the world; Ascension Island, Falkland Islands, United Kingdom, South Africa, Egypt and United States of America.

Tomorrow as we celebrate across the miles,  I know her name is Marjorie and not Eve, but for our family she certainly is “the mother of all living” Genesis 3:20.

Deep In My Heart

Happy little memories
Go flitting through my mind
And in all my thoughts and memories
I always seem to find
The picture of your face, Mother
The memory of your touch
And all the other little things
I’ve come to treasure much,
You cannot go beyond my thoughts
Or leave my love behind
Because I keep you in my heart
And forever on my mind.

Happy Birthday Mummy! We thank God for you!