Tonight I checked the earthquake activity here in California. I have never done this before and I came across the USGS (United States Geological Survey) website. I found a topic there entitled DYFI: “did you feel it?”

I was about to get out of my car and go for my morning jog last week when I felt it…. the 6.4 shaker; but when I felt it I thought it was the gardener’s large mower causing those  moves; I could see him across from me maneuvering it across the beautiful lawns at the San Jose Historical Rose Garden. I have lived in California for eight years and have felt just two tremors in our area….. so what do I know! On one of those occasions we were at church. Not a bad place to be should there be an emergency I guess.

Before I could get my thoughts together my husband sent a text message saying “earthquake”. The shaking had stopped so I got out of my car. As I jogged along I thought about the mention of earthquakes in various sections of the Bible. Which of these records stand out most in your mind? Should I be afraid? Should you be afraid?