What  beautiful scenery we enjoyed as we drove through Oregon and back home to San Jose. We enjoyed the holiday so very much with our family, and these moments became brighter in Portland when we were also able to walk and play in four inches of snow!

Now here we are…… full blast into 2010! Wow! I am excited! Excited, because I am praying to be able with God’s help to do even more for others this year. I am also praying to be able to continue to  maintain my relationships with family and friends and to begin new ones. Life is busy, but what joy can life bring if there is no love given and no love received?

There is an overpass about a mile away, under which a homeless man lived.  View location here. We would see him walk through our street very often, and his clothes were almost of his body. We would offer him clothes and food. He never accepted help from us or our neighbors. My husband had even talked to one of the local authorities about him. We wanted to cry every time we saw him. The last time I saw him was the day before leaving town for Christmas. He walked by our home as I was collecting something from my car. I looked him in the face and said hello, hoping he would stop. Maybe this would be the day he would accept at least a little help; but he just looked at me right back and limped on. I noticed his physical condition and the condition of his clothing were much worse.  My observation of him each time was that he was still a young man.

The overpass

As we drove back home in the early hours of the morning on the 31st, we saw wreaths and flowers placed at the spot where this fragile human we saw go by our home everyday slept. Did he die from the severe coldness these past weeks?  Who was he? Did he have family  still?  Questions and more questions roaring through our minds. We are hoping the local paper will help us. Ironically, while in Portland this past week I read in their local paper about a homeless Vietnam Veteran who was released from prison on a bitterly cold night and was found dead the next day.

Cards of remembrance and comfort.

Banner at site.


Letter - click for larger view.

The plight of these precious people are ignored by many. However, some, like the fragile human who walked on our street refuse help. This leaves us with a feeling of sadness and helplessness. Some of the homeless suffer ridicule, some suffer abuse. There are many people who make judgements as to why someone would be homeless. This is very wrong. Do we need a reason before helping? One thing is for sure; God knows we tried. Did we do enough?

As we begin 2010, lets take a new look at LOVE. What did Jesus say about it? What does love REALLY mean? Please share with me.