I’m Going Home!

In just 2 days now my husband and I leave town to do one of the most exciting things in life for me; going back home. We had felt as though we still had a good portion of time left to get things in order, but just like most humans would admit, just when you feel you are all caught up…wham!!!

Dear Mommy

Dear Mommy

Our trip entails a flight to London…taking a quick nap on arrival God willing…in the evening meeting my niece and her friends for dinner…the following day celebrate our wedding anniversary…and the following day catching the RAF flight to Ascension Island to await the RMS St Helena which will sail us home over a three day period. Phew! What a flurry of events! It would be much more relaxing if the good old RMS would continue her UK-Saint Helena Island thirty two day round trip, but she has discontinued that route. We enjoyed this on our last visit home, and I would have to say, if ya crave some real “rock me to sleep” sleep, this be the way to go. Ya hear me all ya overworked and tired people?

Saint Helena Island

Saint Helena Island

I know my island has changed a lot since we last visited five years ago; we read the local paper each week. With the near completion of the airport, there is a lot of human and mechanical “noise” some of which I am sure is welcoming, and others not so welcoming. However, just the thought that  people abroad, for whom previously it had been impossible to go home because of time consuming  transportation, will now be able to do so in the equivalence of a half work day or less, is very exciting!

So when our cases are finally packed I will breathe easier, sit back, and imagine the smiling faces of my sweet mother and our huge family. I am also looking forward to celebrating Mummy’s ninety third birthday and my own, by God’s grace, during my four months at home. How about those days in the country side, when I can sit quietly under a tree with one of my favorite books, and not have to consider wild animals or “bad guys.” Is this reality? Why not make St Helena Island your next vacation destination?

At first sight my island looks like an oversized loaf of bread that turned black. But I will be truly grateful to God, that as we sail nearer and nearer, over those great Atlantic waves, and as I finally get off the ship, and literally jump into a smaller boat to be taken ashore, imagination will cease to exist, and the reality of smiling faces, happy and thankful hearts and warm hugs will begin.

What shall I render unto the Lord for all His benefits unto me – Psalm 116:12.


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